Since both of the two solutions will be piloted in all five procurers’ regions in Phase 3 of the project (FAQ 13), and possibly multiple sites at each region (FAQ 32) this also requires adopting the solution for all sites. Roughly this can be broken up into the following tasks

Technical integration with the specific systems (e.g. EHR) at each site. Developing, deciding, and describing the process and workflow at each site, including the content (text and other media) that should be served by the solution. Technically setting up the solution to fit process and content from 2. For each of these tasks, which party […]

I just want to be sure that we understand the right way how we can manage the VAT: If for example our proposed budget is 10.000€, that means that we should consider including all VAT costs in that value? And also, we as leaders won’t have VAT invoice since we refer to a European project. Our rest partners from other EU countries, same case with us. But in case we have a partner from the same country with us, this partner should consider VAT costs since their invoice will refer to us as leaders and not directly to the Buyers. Have I understood it clearly please?