I just want to be sure that we understand the right way how we can manage the VAT: If for example our proposed budget is 10.000€, that means that we should consider including all VAT costs in that value? And also, we as leaders won’t have VAT invoice since we refer to a European project. Our rest partners from other EU countries, same case with us. But in case we have a partner from the same country with us, this partner should consider VAT costs since their invoice will refer to us as leaders and not directly to the Buyers. Have I understood it clearly please?

Yes total costs including VAT, if applicable.

Scope document for the OMC

If you would like to better understand what is expected in INCAREHEART have a look at this detailed description of the building blocks and use cases. Please note that this is draft information with the purpose of consulting the market and that it might differ from the final versions included in the Call for Tenders.

OMC Questionnaire

The OMC questionnaire aims to obtain market feedback on the planned PCP and assess existing solutions. The collected input will inform the ongoing tender specifications development. Let us know what you think before the 31st of August 2021.

If you are searching partners for a joint tender and would like to appear on the Matchmaking section of this website, you can register by completing the OMC questionnaire. This part of the questionnaire will remain open until the closure of the Call for Tenders.