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  • Providing and managing high quality care and trusted support,
  • Providing the maintenance and support activities carried out by different stakeholders in a coordinated manner with the support of the central system,
  • Implementation of a comprehensive interdisciplinary support model, in which inter-institutional communication is managed in a fully integrated structure with health institutions aimed at radically improving the integrated care of patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF).

IncareNova solution will provide an end-to-end smart CHF management solution to improve:

  • discharge process from the hospital by patient, patient relatives and caregivers training in accordance with the discharge plan,
  • patient experiences and collaborative efficiency by the creation of a digital universe where care communities can be formed and community-based treatment sessions can be conducted by ensuring the participation of patients and care team members on the game platform
  • individualized implementation of secondary prevention measures by providing:
    • A care portal supported by EHR integrations that enables shared care planning and supports clinicians with intelligent personalised clinical decision support (CDS) services automating evidence based clinical guidelines and efficient information exchange mechanisms via interoperability,
    • patient empowerment platform enabling vital signs, symptom monitoring and adjusting medical regimen, provides personalized coaching, individualized behaviour change interventions for diet, lifestyle changes and reinforcing treatment adherence, delivers individualised training, support usage of serious games to encourage patients to engage with the application via feedback, rewards, progression and social features and provide a community platform that allows patients and professionals to interact and share data.
  • enabling patient-empowerment and self-management of patient by wearable devices, mobile applications and AI-supported Social robots, conforming patients feel safe
  • performance monitoring by providing Social Robot assistance and Mobile App support in patient interaction

IncareNova solution as an effective integrated care platform for heart failure management will provide interoperability and integration with underlying data sources (EHRs, PHRs, medical devices) for enabling:

  • seamless integration of patient’s clinical data from EHRs
  • seamless, automatic integration with wireless medical sensor devices and fitness tracking devices
  • collection of patients generated health data such as symptoms and patient reported outcome measures
  • execution of CDS services by processing the most recent clinical context of the patient to enable personalised suggestions for care plan

To ensure full GDPR compliance, Security and Privacy Framework Services will be available for user authentication, role-based authorization and audit logging.