As the prevalence of CHF is increasing globally, placing significant strain on healthcare systems, integrated CHF care solutions are necessary for improving services and reducing costs. Currently service provision remains hospital-centric and fragmented leading to incomplete care, worse health outcomes and reduced quality of life (QOL) for patients and caregivers.

Our consortium presents a digital solution for continuous management and integrated care of CHF (the CORRAL system) covering early detection and secondary prevention, care and follow-up, and for supporting living with CHF at home.

The CORRAL integrated care platform will allow for monitoring of environmental, physical and psychological patient-related variables, and continuous analysis of recorded data and care team inputs by an artificial intelligence system for the provision of decision support to the multidisciplinary care team (MDT) and the provision of personalized support and education interventions allowing patients to self-manage CHF.

Large-scale implementation of the CORRAL solution will allow for improved CFH management, increased participation of patients in their own care, reduction of hospitalization and severe incidents and decreased burden for caregivers.

Furthermore, for procurers, it will lead to savings of cost and time, allow for better care planning through the provided CHF predictive models and facilitate high quality integration with their existing ICT systems and digital health records (DHRs).