About the INCAREHEART Tender Documents Pack

The Tender Documents Pack is a .zip file, consisting of 10 documents:

TD1 - Request for Tenders

This document outlines the tendering procedure and hopefully provides all the necessary information you need to succesfully submit a tender.

TD2 - Challenge Brief

If you are looking for use cases and requirements: they are here. In the Challenge Brief, we describe the status quo, where we want to get - and what we expect from you.

TD3a - Declaration of Honour - Exclusion Criteria

TD3a must be provided and signed by:

  • in case of single tenderer, the contractor
  • in case of joint tenders, the lead contractor and each member of the consortium or group
  • in case of subcontracting, all subcontractors whose share of the contract is above 10 % or whose capacity is necessary to fulfil the selection criteria.
TD3b - Declaration of Honour - On/Off Award Criteria

TD3b must be provided and signed by:

  • in case of single tenderer, the contractor
  • in case of joint tenders, the lead contractor
TD4 - Power of Attorney

If you want to mandate one of the partners in a joint tender as Lead Contractor, this document must be filled in and signed by each member of the consortium or group.

TD5 - Tender Application Template - Administrative

Please use this template when submitting the administrative section of your tender, which should be a single PDF file containing TD3a, TD3b, TD4, if applicable, and TD5.

TD6 - Tender Application Template - Technical

This is the template for the technical section of your tender - please make use the guidelines included in TD6. We ask you to submit a searchable PDF document with less than 80 pages.

TD7 - Tender Application Template - Financial

In this Excel file, please indicate all the figures requested for your Phase I offer and indicative prices for Phases II and III.

TD8 - PCP Framework Agreement

This is the PCP Framework Agreement that every successful tenderer will enter with the Lead Procurer on behalf of the Buyers Group.

TD9 -Specific Contracts for phases I, II, III

This agreement is a Specific Contract executed and performed under the Framework Agreement concluded between the Buyers Group, the INCAREHEART Consortium and the Contractor. The provisions of the Framework Agreement form an integral part of this agreement.










Original Tender Documents

TD1 – Deadline for questions by tenderers moved to 14 February 2022, deadline for replies moved to 01 March

TD1 – Updated link to EC form in 4.2, 7.

TD3a is required from subcontractors whose share of the budget is larger than 10% (instead of: 30%), now in line with TD5.

TD3b – deleted footnote, submission by the lead contractor is sufficient

Download the Tender Documents

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