Who we are

INCAREHEART brings together 8 partners from 8 countries, presenting a vital mix of public procurers (RJH, UNINA, RCM, SCMA, MOH), private companies (EMPIRICA, TBM) and a non-for-profit organisation (IFIC).

Public procurers come from 5 countries: Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Greece, and Portugal. Taken together, about 6,34% of all heart failure patients in the world live in these five countries. Turkey is directly covered by national-level procurement organisations. Partners in the region of Campania in Italy, Jämtland in Sweden, Amadora in Portugal and Central Macedonia in Greece will work towards a wide adoption of the INCAREHEART idea and solution in other regions in their countries, and the identification of relevant regional health and care authorities to join INCAREHEART’s network of future procurers.

We see a great opportunity to attract widespread industry response to the Call for Tenders and to create a critical mass on both the supply and demand side for the large-scale procurement of INCAREHEART. TBM is in a unique position to reach private companies and other innovators, as it has a  European network of +1500 health ICT companies. The procuring and public authority partners are supported by EMPIRICA that will support the co-ordination and networking activities surrounding the PCP, especially when it comes to requirements analysis, user-centred-design, evaluation, business model development and procurement planning, as well as operational management.