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PPCN develop and deliver the B-Healthy platform – a universal cloud-based remote health measurement platform. Patients can measure health data at home using an app using the camera to measure Blood Pressure, Spo2, pulse and respiratory rate. The app is connected to a wide range of ISO-14385 Class IIa grade medical measurement devices (A&D, Beurer, Bayer, Nonin, ECG devices). Doctors and nurses can access patient data from a web portal. The overview screen lets you see and access all your patients’ health data. Colour-coded notifications will alert you and indicate if your action is required based on general and individual thresholds. Patient’s see a user-friendly and simple APP, and the interaction simulates a real doctor-patient consultation, just without the transport and waiting as it is done remotely.
The user-friendly app allows patients to track their own health and report important data.
The patient is asked questions regarding their condition and symptoms and is requested to carry out health measurements using medical measurement devices. The medical devices are connected through Bluetooth, USB or the Internet via cloud-to-cloud integration or data retrieval through Health Kit and Google Fit.

Areas of cooperation sought​

We seek partners to complement with developing AI /ML and partners that can deliver the training/rehab and emotional support knowledge and peer-to peer support, care plans. Device producers for e.g ECG or other can find our platform useful for integration.

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Health/ICT SME
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Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)
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Claus F. Nielsen
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