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KIRANET is an Innovative SME, founded in 2005, whose main objective is to create value for customers and partners through the combination of technologies and expertise in the field of ICT applied to specific market sectors. Indeed, by constantly arguing with the academic world, KIRANET applies research and pre-competitive development to healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, railway, smart cities sectors. In the last 10 years, KIRANET led very important e-Health projects. The aim is to continuously generate new opportunities and themes that increase the skills and potential of medical applications. Technological innovation in KIRANET products together with biomedical research are strongly transforming care processes and health services. In particular, KIRANET develops solutions for improving both people well-being and the efficiency of health/non-health services. Thus, the collaboration between the research world and the health system is strengthened to test and validate new technological solutions that help citizens to manage their health more effectively while supporting health professionals.

Value my organisation can add in a joint tender​

KIRANET current healthcare offer consists in a complete system to manage the clinical and logistical process in the hospital, composed of:
• a software suite (FID-CARE),
• an automated trolley (FID-RUN) for meticulous therapy preparation and its bed-side administration,
• a smart cabinet (FID-ROK) for protected and controlled storage of drugs and medical devices,
• an automatic pocket drug dispenser (FID-RAY) for adherent patient auto-administrations.

The company is ending the industrialization of these smart systems for the healthcare sector and is negotiating to obtain important industrial/commercial agreements with large players already operating in the reference market.
The HOMECARE project focuses on:
• support the older people and people with chronic or disabling diseases, by increasing control over their health;
• encourage the patient care in a complete way, developing an assistance based on a multidisciplinary approach;
• facilitate the continuity of care for the elderly and non-self-sufficient people;
• encourage patient empowerment in the treatment process, involving in care process objectives and chooses;
• enhance hospital-territory integration.

Areas of cooperation sought​

All that we do not cover: Experts in security; psychological and emotional support; clinical support in CHF diagnosis, clinical condition management, end-users education and empowerment, partners to cover the solution in other supplier countries.

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Organisation type:
Health/ICT SME
Organisation size:
Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)
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Raffaele Chianese
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General Director