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Care and follow-up Continuous management and seamless transition of care Living with heart failure

Biodata Devices is a Spanish company that designs, develops and manufactures innovative medical devices specially designed for telemedicine applications.

Value my organisation can add in a joint tender​

We manufacture and market Lifehub Home, a personal telemedicine station specially designed to be used by elderly people at home.
The Lifehub hardware/software architecture is completely open to integrations with any patient management platform and/or digital health record.
The Lifehub Home medical device is EU approved (Class IIa – CE Medical Device) and is classified as a multi-parametric vital signs monitor for home use. In its basic configuration it includes a 6-lead electrocardiograph, as well as temperature, blood oxygen saturation and blood pressure monitoring, which can be used for on-demand or continuous monitoring, making it ideal for close monitoring of patients with heart failure at home. It is possible to extend its monitoring capacity with sensors and accessories from other manufacturers, such as electronic scales, spirometers, glucometers, etc… both via USB and Bluetooth. It is also possible to enter data manually and incorporate patient evaluation forms.

Areas of cooperation sought​

To be part of a consortium in this project as a supplier of medical devices for the acquisition of physiological data at the patient’s home.

Organisation details

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Health/ICT SME
Organisation size:
Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)
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David Astruga
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Partner & CTO