Phase II has started
A graphic showing the logos of the three suppliers for Phase II, Gnomon, Gesan and CERTH


Following the success of Phase 1 of INCAREHEART, three of our suppliers have been invited to participate in Phase 2, which will run until June 2023.

Our Phase 2 partners are: CareCardia, CardioCare, and CORRAL.

During the coming months, we will work with this partners to develop prototypes of their proposed solutions

The CareCardia solution seeks to address the ‘Homer’s Odyssey’ that CHF patients face in managing their condition due to the pitfalls and gaps in communication while dealing with multiple healthcare actors. CareCardia would integrate state-of-the-art, clinical evidence-based technologies into a single digital platform where CHF patients can manager their care and interact with their care providers.

CardioCare is led by Gesan SRL, a software house with vast experience in the healthcare ICT sector. The CardioCare platform aims to manage CHF through a platform that allows an easy exchange of data between patient and clinician, backed by AI analytics. CardioCare would allow patients to use portable medical devices to track vital signs and provide smart assessments to help in the management of their care, as well as offering a virtual assistant, gamification and other learning tools. Interoperable with existing ICT systems, CardioCare would also make management for clinicians more efficient and effective.

The CORRAL project aims to create a digital solution for the continuous management and integrated care of chronic heart failure, covering early detection and secondary prevention, care and follow-up, and for supporting people to live with CHF at home. The platform would allow for monitoring of environmental, physical and psychological patient-related variables, and continuous analysis of recorded data and care team inputs by an artificial intelligence system to support decision making by care teams and the provision of personalized support and education interventions allowing patients to self-manage CHF.