INCAREHEART begins prototype testing


At the end of January, INCAREHEART entered its prototype phase, introducing our solutions to our stakeholders to get their feedback.

Throughout Phase 2, our suppliers – CareCardia, CORRAL, and CardioCare – have been working hard to develop their solutions from the idea stage that was explored earlier in the project to a more developed solution that is ready to be seen by potential end-users.

Prototype testing is a crucial component of the co-design model embraced by INCAREHEART, allowing us to work with experts and end-users to build solutions that are fit for purpose. These tests will continue throughout the coming months.

Our Version 1 (V1) tests are based around the first iteration of the solutions, using non-functional or partially functional prototypes of the key system components that have been developed in lab conditions.

While the prototypes are still at an incredibly early stage, it is important to us that our stakeholders are able to provide input at the earliest opportunities. This will allow our suppliers to adjust and make changes to create better iterations as the project continues. This will lead to the Version 2 (V2) tests, where stakeholders will be presented with a functional solution that they can engage with more fully, and provide more feedback for future iterations.

The V1 tests are taking place online and at our pilot sites around Europe, inviting patients, informal caregivers, and healthcare professionals in our target areas to engage with our solutions and suppliers. These are collaborative sessions, where our suppliers are able to show their work and explain their vision for chronic heart failure care, while the potential users are able to express their opinions and desires and show what would work for them.

From our early sessions, we have already learned a huge amount that will be take on board as INCAREHEART. We are excited to continue these tests in the coming weeks, and to see how the feedback is incorporated into our V2 prototypes.